House of Toast Launches New Ad Campaign


billboard-back_small1House of Toast, the industry leader when it comes to re-hydrated bread-based food products, announced the start of an aggressive nation-wide advertising campaign – “50 Way’s to Leave Your Toaster”. The campaign, created by the small Providence based advertising agency Media Opportunities and Relations (MOR) will parody the famous Paul Simon song on billboards as well as through assorted print, radio and television spots.

Always aggressive and leading edge in their marketing approach, House of Toast hopes to generate a new level of awareness about the versatility and flexibility of their unique bread-based products. This most recent campaign comes on the heels of what was considered one of the most successful advertising themes to date: “Toast, It’s Not Just For Breakfastbillboard-fuss_small Anymore!” generated unprecedented interest in the company and it’s product offering and received several awards from the advertising community. Daphne Anderson, President and CEO stated, “This will be our first major change since the ‘Toast Beyond Breakfast’ campaign. The new ads have tested well, we’re just anxious to see how the whole country will respond”, “There was a lot of confusion about Toast through the 90’s – we think we’ve set the record straight – now it’s time to kick things into high gear!”

billboard-jam_small1An excited Anderson continued by stating that, “The ad’s have already generated tremendous interest in their test markets. Now that we are going national, customers will be able to submit their own ‘Ways To Leave Their Toaster’ through the company web site. Selected responses will be incorporated into the advertising campaign and one grand prize winner will be awarded a special prize!”

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