What’s Our Secret?

A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one.

-Henry Ford

Customized Toasting Technology

The XR-17 rocks! By working with visionary partners, we have been able to develop the next generation of toasting technology. Shown to the right is whats1the Toast-O-matic XR-17 Deluxe Toasting Command Station. The XR-17 is just one piece of technology that’s leveraged in each House of Toast kitchen. For obvious reasons, we can’t go into all the details of our processing and toast preparation methods (we’ve probably said too much already). But rest assured, you’ll be amazed and delighted with your meal and enjoying the “House of Toast Difference!”

Only the finest quality ingredients go into our House of Toast™ brand breads. 

whats2 Our “specially engineered” grains are mixed by trained technicians.
whats3 Quality is checked countless times. Only the best will make its way to your table.
whats4 Once processed, the powdered toast is packaged and sent directly to the store nearest you.
toastchef  At the store, our Certified Toastmasters will re-hydrate the toast (using our secret methods and technology). They will then prepare your order with unprecedented perfection.

Admit it, you’ve never had toast like this!