House of Toast – New World Headquarters


Atlanta based House of Toast, Inc. has completed construction of it’s new world headquarters. Located in Sugar Hill, Georgia, the 750,000 square foot new_office1facility will house the majority of the company’s corporate staff as well as provide a centralized training facility for local and regional managers. “This is a huge step for us.”, says Tom Porter, Founder and COB, “Our previous building was only 100,000 square feet and we had people on top of people. This is really going to give us the room we need to grow and develop as a company – we’re extremely excited!.”

The new headquarters will also be home of “HOT-U”, the company’s centralized management training facility. This state-of-the-art facility will include 7 amphitheater-style training rooms all with full video conferencing and multi-media capabilities as well as 3 kitchen labs, a Toast-Hydration Simulator and a think-tank that’s actually shaped like a toaster. Completely automated security, lighting and climate control systems will also ensure individual safety/comfort as well as extreme energy efficiency.

According to Porter, the relocation of staff from the current facility to the new one should take about 45 days. The company plans to have everything complete by the end of the year.

House of Toast Curling Team Beats DeKater Group


curling2 After surviving 9 rounds of fast paced curling action, the House of Toast Curling team (led by David Flavell) has advanced to the final round of competition at the International Restaurant Owners Curling Championship. The team advanced after a narrow win against the Dutch team (who were sponsored in-part by the DeKater restaurant group, and led by none other than Dirk Famularo).

shot“It was a close game all the way”, said Flavell, the teams Skip. We were in a sticky situation: Second end counting 5 rocks (opposition had 6th stone and Sage rink 7th) and 1 rock in front of the house with last rock to come (see diagram on left). Last rock called for an angle raise take-out with the shooter rolling in for the 8th counter. The diagram on the right shows the final position of all 8 rocks. The House of Toast team won 16-15, with odd eights against the wall.

shot2The team now moves on to the final round of competition and according to Flavell, they plan to give the world champion Canadians (made up of members of the White Castle chain) a run for their money.

Flavell was assisted by Vince “Vinny” Ciccarello (lead), Jerry “Armageddon” Vadenaise (second) and Greg “Makers Mark” Whitford (third). All four are long time employees of House of Toast. The team is managed by Sharyl Vaughn and Ruth Phillips.

Jacques and Jeffrey Open 1st House of Toast Franchise


KJ1House of Toast is pleased to announce the opening of their first franchised restaurant in the United States. The store, located at 1256 Mendon Avenue in Cumberland, Rhode Island is owned and operated by the team of Kevin Jacques and Fred and Linda Jeffrey – otherwise known as J3 Enterprises.

Daphne Anderson, President and CEO said that the franchising approach, although new to House of Toast, is necessary to keep up with the increasing market demand for House of Toast products. “We’re excited about this additional opportunity to accelerate our growth”, Anderson stated, “J3 Enterprises was the hands-down choice when it came to deciding who would get the first franchise.”

A well known and respected team in the local restaurant business, the members of J3 Enterprises are admired by all for their keen business acumen and slick marketing skills. They opened their first restaurant, The Atomic Burrito in 1999 and went on to open 5 additional restaurants over the next 3 years.

lf1Speaking to a group of local reporters Kevin Jacques stated that House of Toast is the perfect compliment to their other restaurants. “Everyone knows us for our Atomic Burrito success, this is a great way for us to diversify and reach a broader segment of the market.” Linda and Fred couldn’t agree more, “We were looking for something to compliment our Atomic Burrito concept but didn’t want to have to start from scratch. Investing in a House of Toast franchise was a no-brainer for us – heck, we are probably their most active customers anyway!”

series12The Cumberland, Rhode Island store is one of the largest QSTs (quick service toastuaries) in the area and is also the first to showcase our Series-12 TDK (Toast Distribution Kiosk). By following the on-screen directions users can select from assorted type of bread, determine the breads re-hydrated thickness, establish toasting preference and then choose from a wide variety of spreads. An extremely elegant and well designed unit, the Series-12 will be introduced in all stores by the end of the year.

Congratulations Kevin, Linda and Fred from everyone at House of Toast!

House of Toast takes over Europe!


After 18 months of exhaustive planning House of Toast is pleased to formally announce our expansion into the European market.

Our first European store will be built on what is currently the site of the Parthenon. The new store is scheduled to open towards the middle of 2016 and will seat up to 500 toast loving customers.

Ron Gastin, Senior VP of International Development coordinated the acquisition of this valuable piece of real estate and was on hand today to give locals and tourists alike a tour as we hoisted some temporary signage into place.

parthenon_rev“House of Toast is pleased to be part of Greek (and world) history.” he said, “The building is in need of some minor repairs but we think we can get it fixed up pretty quickly. All it needs is a bit of spackle and some touch-up paint”

We will continue to post updates as news about our additional European locations become available for the public at large.

Ron Gastin, House of Toast Senior VP of International Development kicks off our European expansion initiative at the Parthenon as future customers line up for a tour of the soon-to-open facility.

House of Toast Previews Toastumentary


House of Toast announced the release of the worlds first Toastumentary at a press conference in their new Atlanta headquarters. This mini-film is a slightly elongated version of a yet to be released commercial and is being made available via the internet to House of Toast fans around the globe.

The Toastumentary features an assortment of House of Toast employees and was produced by Tom Porter and Patrick Arkins. The two collaborated for over 30 minutes on the project and the filming was completed in less that 1 hour. “Post-production was the real challenge”, said Porter, “the quality of the material was so good that it was hard to decide what to leave on the cutting room floor.” Arkins was quick to agree, saying that he never realized that there was so much talent at House of Toast. “I mean, I know we make the best damn toast in town but who could of known that our staff would have such great camera presence!”

Portions of the film will be incorporated into the company’s newest series of commercials which are scheduled to start airing on Super Bowl Sunday.


House of Toast and Weingarth Bread Importers Raise $3000 For American Cancer Society!


wbi_1 Showing their support for the local community, employees from House of Toast’s corporate office joined staff from Weingarth Bread Importers this past weekend to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The grim weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of the team as they walked through the night during this national fundraising event.

chck_1The highlight of the event was the presentation of a check for $3000 to the American Cancer Society by Beth Richards, Sr. VP of Operations at Weingarth Bread Importers and Mona Weatherspoon, Sr. VP of Marketing at House of Toast.

Funds were raised by gathering donations from friends, family and business associates. In addition, WBI and House of Toast, Inc. donated several items which were sold to other relay participants.

House of Toast Opens First Store in Wisconsin!


Spooner-rev2Fans of the House of Toast drove, flew, walked and cycled to Spooner, Wisconsin this week in order to celebrate the grand opening of our newest store.

Located in the historic downtown district of Spooner, this store leverages the latest and greatest in toast re-hydration technology and has been received as a welcome addition to the booming downtown area. With capacity to seat 250 and a staff of 42 employees, the Spooner store is ready and able to meet your crust laden desires.

Steve Masourian (store manager and Spooner’s newest resident) was assisted by his assistant managers Andy “only crust” Mills and Teresa “butter side up” McKinney as he greeted customers with the traditional chant of “Let’s get toasted!”. Needless to say the crowd went wild.

We hope you’ll stop by and visit Steve, Andy, Teresa, and the rest of the team during your next visit to Spooner.

House of Toast Launches Local Marketing Campaign


License Frame2House of Toast, the market leader when it comes to quality bread-based food products, reached a new level of marketing efficiency this week by providing complimentary House of Toast license plate frames to various leaders, visionaries and trend-setters in the greater Norcross area.

Tom Porter, Chairman of House of Toast said, “The Norcross area is very special to us, so we decided to start the campaign here – these (frames) really let the world know that the driver of the vehicle is a true toast connoisseur and definitely not someone to be messed with.”

Patrick Arkins, Director of Marketing and Strategic Alliances for House of Toast stated that this was just the first of several such courtesy mountings. Arkins and other members of the House of Toast team plan to conduct additional mountings throughout Georgia as well as in some poorly lit sections of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware throughout the holiday season.

The tasteful frame presents the House of Toast name and related web site in dazzling gold lettering, elegantly contrasted against a soothing black background. Made of 100% injection-molded plastic, these frames are designed to last well into the spring and are destined to become a highly sought after collectable.

For those not fortunate enough to receive a complimentary license plate frame they can be purchased at any of our domestic store locations as well as through the HOTstuff™ section of the web site.”