Doug Denny

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, “Certainly, I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.

-Theodore Roosevelt

dougpic1_smallA seasoned expert with a strong background in research and analysis, Mr. Denny joins House of Toast with over 23 years of assorted toast-related experiences. A graduate of the University of Southern Ecuador, he received his Bachelors degree in Exploratory Crustology in 1980 and his Masters degree in Toast Hydration Dynamics shortly thereafter.

early tongs2_smallNever a traditionalist, Doug decided to explore the world prior to diving into the responsibilities of a corporate executive. During this time, he led several expeditions to the renowned toast ruins of Mocha Fichu where he gained immediate international recognition as the discoverer of the earliest known pair of prehistoric toast tongs (see insert). Doug next spent 12 years traversing the globe as the Ecuadorian Bread Products Ambassador.

Although he has been recognized for several accomplishments, Doug is perhaps best known for the creation of both Toast on a Rope and Toast on a Stick. This done while working as Director of Research at PTI, Inc. (Promotion Toastologies) in Norcross, Georgia.

Nothing can summarize Doug’s attitude towards toast than what he says himself, “My goal is to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of toast to the masses of uneducated people around the world.”

We are truly fortunate to have him on board as part of the team!

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