Chuck Althafer

To control your cow, give it a bigger pasture.

-Suzuki Roshi, Zen Master

chuck1_smallAs Director of Employee Morale, Chuck has responsibility for the motivation of our 2000+ employees. The friendly greeting and welcoming smile you get when you walk into your neighborhood House of Toast is a tribute to his hard work and dedication.

Working with regional management, his job is to ensure that our staff get the maximum professional and personal fulfillment while employed at House of Toast (something we like to call “The Total Toast Experience”).

Through motivational seminars, regional rallies, and by working in the trenches with the troops, Chuck generates excitement and inspiration all around! The picture to the right shows Chuck with Karen Adamsmith, Regional Motivation Manager. As you can see, Chuck is a natural for this type of role.

Chuck joined the House of Toast team in December of 1999 after a chance meeting with Tom Porter. The two immediately bonded and upon hearing about the growth and opportunities at House of Toast, Chuck couldn’t wait to get started!

Prior to joining House of Toast, Chuck was employed by Ban Dai, USA where he was in charge of product development for the Square Pants-Gundam action figure line. A regular speaker at conferences and motivational seminars around the country, Chuck is best know for his syndicated comic strip “Party Neighborhood”, an award-winning parody of life in suburbia.

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