Trey Waldrop

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

-Theodore Rubin

Trey_smallTrey brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the Advisory Board, specifically in the areas of Industrial Design and International Business Expansion.

Previously employed as Vice President of Maritime Affairs for Northwinds, USA, Trey has spent the past 9 years representing a plethora of entrepreneurial businesses to major marinas and cruise lines throughout the world.

A truly talented individual, Trey is best know as the inventor of Schwiggle-Schwaggle, the revolutionary swizzle stick a product that is now a staple bar item on 98% of the worlds cruise ships.

Now in semi-retirement, Trey keeps in touch with the business community by consulting part time for small to medium organizations. He also sits on the board of several other organizations including: Printers X-Press and Marinas Galore. He is also contributing writer for Houseboat Monthly, and author of the top selling travel guide Travelers’ Blues. When not inventing, writing, or consulting Trey can be found touring the globe with his family in search of the best fishing in the world.

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