Jim Potter

Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.

-Oscar Wilde

kilted_jim2_smallJim is a prime example of the House of Toast difference that we keep talking about. His concern for our customers combined with his tremendous ability to empathize with all those that he comes in contact with made him the ideal individual to spearhead our Consumer Relations activities.

Prior to joining House of Toast, Jim was Adjunct Lieutenant General with the Royal Border Highlanders. Stationed in Dundee, Scotland, Jim was awarded both the Pointed Thistle Medal and The Sword of the Haggis for his courage during the Battle of Arbroath.

Although one might think the transition from military to civilian life would take him along a slightly different path, his destiny as a member of the House of Toast team had been foretold years earlier when he was first introduced to the wonders of Toast Hydration by his grandfather Barron Jameston VonPotter.

Always willing to listen, but not afraid to give you his opinion, Jim’s outstanding leadership skills and outgoing personality have allowed him to impact House of Toast more than any other member of the management team.

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